Welcome to YCM

When you join Your Client Matters our marketing team will work closely with you to identify where your business can best benefit from our services.

We will guide you through the solutions that will not only make sense for your business but improve your marketing outcomes and return on investment. We will help you to implement marketing systems and a client communication strategy that will endure the changes of your industry, the economy, your client demographics, government incentives, changes and new directions.

Our biggest role is to ensure that together we are accountable for your marketing results. We make this experience an exciting one for you by professionally managing your marketing activities to reduce your time and worry throughout the marketing process. When you understand our marketing philosophy, our research process and knowledge of your client base, we are sure you will have the confidence to select us as your outsourced marketing team.

Because, after all……your client matters.

Our marketing philosophy

We believe that a single marketing approach is no longer an effective and long term strategy for any business wanting to retain and continue business growth. Our research and results show that a planned, multi-layered communication strategy is the best form of marketing to, and engaging with, your clients for long term business success.

Your Client Matters’ marketing strategies, resources and programs are designed to assist with client acquisition, retention and most importantly client engagement.


All businesses need to generate new leads for long term sustainability. Your Client Matters’ marketing program includes a range of professional lead generation strategies and resources to ensure those leads become long term clients of your business and excellent referrers.


You work hard to obtain new clients. With the right communication plan and marketing strategies we help you turn your once off transactions into clients for life. Your communication program will ensure you are their preferred specialist when they need to do business again.


Education is the key to your marketing program and your successful engagement strategy. All resources are created with real engagement strategies for client initiated contact.

“I suffered through 10 years of marketing seminars in Treasury divisions of big banks (Macquarie and Deutsche Bank) and no presenter I experienced came within an inch of your skills. Generally after the first 15 minutes I was nodding off! You keep the audience engaged, provide useful tips and lead by example – as you are selling your business to us, we see how to sell ours to our clients. Your support staff are also great – friendly, helpful, and with relevant experience. It’s a pleasure to be a client!”

Jenny McLaughlin