Are you marketing ready for 2020?

If you want to fill your diary for the new year, when do you start your marketing?


We recently attended the FBAA annual conference and nearly everyone we spoke to said they have been really busy lately.

That’s excellent news and has been pretty much standard for the last few months of this year for most finance businesses.

However what typically happens when we’re busy?

We neglect to work on our pipeline and future business because we are so busy looking after our current clients.

Eventually we go from being at the top of the roller coaster and then zoom down to the bottom and wonder what happened… and where our next lead is coming from.

Even your favourite marketing company (yes – Your Client Matters) has been guilty of looking after all of our partners’ marketing and not attending to our own communication in the past few months. We hope you’ve missed us!

Our sincere apologies

So we are really sorry that we haven’t been in touch for a while as that is simply not good enough.

We have been busy adding new services for the industry and building new technology that will take the marketing we provide for our partners to the next level. I know this is not a good enough excuse to not stay in touch with you, but you see YCM doesn’t have a marketing company who can do all our marketing for us to ensure our constant flow of enquiry and leads is regular every month when we are busy.

I often think how lucky I would be if there was a marketing company for marketing companies who do what we do for the finance sector.

If I had someone to:

  • write our content for print, email, websites, blogs and social media
  • edit it
  • proof it
  • make sure it is compliant, interesting and engaging,

that would save me about 2 days a month.

Then if I also had:

  • a graphic design team behind me and
  • a project manager to plan and coordinate the above marketing,

that would save me another few days each month.

So if I had an extra week every single month (that is 12 weeks in a year where I did not have to do anything except manage my client list) how much additional business would I be able to generate???

That’s 3 months of income generating time that is not currently available to me at this stage.

And then, what if I had an awesome lead generation system included in that program?

A lead system that communicated to my existing clients and re-engaged them for a review or additional services? A system that encouraged and qualified my pipeline clients to engage and be suitable to do business with us?

If we added that into our marketing system on top of 3 months of additional time, how much extra energy would that give me to drive my business?

It’s really hard to imagine when none of us have any time left in our business to do the important things like:

  • staying in touch with our clients
  • analysing when they need to do business with us again
  • improving our systems
  • training our team
  • maintaining compliance standards
  • attending events and actually doing something with the information when we get back to the office instead of just jumping straight back into ground hog day…

You can’t really even put a price on that can you?

To have someone look after your marketing, generate qualified leads AND keep you accountable to your business goals… How much would that cost?

Some would pay a few thousand dollars a month for that much service.

In fact we know people who pay that much for a lot less…

I know this type of business and service DOES NOT exist for my business.

BUT I DO KNOW that it DOES EXIST for yours.

Because that’s exactly what we do for mortgage and finance brokers, PLUS financial planners and insurance brokers.

No wonder we’ve been busy the last few months.

When I look at what the YCM team of 15 does for our partners and the small price they pay for these services, we really do know we deliver an exceptional range of products, services and marketing experiences for our brokers for a very affordable investment.

If you have forgotten and need a reminder…

Here’s how YCM can help you become marketing focussed and marketing ready for a new year and potentially give you back 12 weeks a year of your time to write more business instead of chasing your tail…

We will deliver on your behalf:

  1. Effective, qualified and ORGANIC lead generation. We can have your diary ready to fill the minute you get back from holidays.
  2. Regular, quality, awesome and engaging content delivered regularly for you on your behalf, regardless of how busy you are – or even if you are on holidays.
  3. Provide graphically designed articles, topic sheets, surveys and marketing collateral ready at your fingertips to use with your clients. You can even use these for your website and with your social media plan for 2020. If you are looking for lead magnets for your business, then they are sitting here in your YCM portal ready to use.
  4. Train you (or one of your team) on how to maximise the ROI for your marketing, track and measure the results, improve your open rates, readership and engagement levels to a new high

Some of you have been receiving our communications for a few short months.

Many of you a few years.

What’s holding you back from allowing us to work with you to improve your marketing and business outcomes?

I’d seriously like to know.

Because if I had a system for my business like we have for yours, I’d be jumping into it right now.

What now?

If you would like us to review your marketing results and make some suggestions:

We look forward to chatting with you

With our marketing best wishes

Deena and YOUR YCM Marketing team.

PS: Need a new website for the new year?

We are working through Christmas to bring you a brand new online presence.
Contact the office today on 02 9526 9999 to find out more information!