Your Client Matters works with many brokers on a daily basis. Every single day we talk to many brokers who are considering our program AND who use our program. We meet brokers at events, we speak to aggregators, associations, training providers and industry partners – and they find the same challenges for brokers that we do.

Our observations about how brokers take care (or not) of their client base are very common.

The biggest challenge, whether you are new to the industry OR have been here for years like us, is that MOST (no not all) are guilty of NOT putting everyone they know on their client communication program (that’s your newsletter service) and are also guilty of not adding to your list each week/month/quarter.



  • are too busy?
  • have forgotten?
  • don’t train your admin person?
  • don’t really understand WHY you should?
  • don’t want to bombard your friends with your marketing?
  • don’t want to ‘sell’ to family and friends?

This is how I look at it.

For every person you know and don’t put on your list – someone else is marketing to them – and that’s another broker or a bank! This is costing you a commission on their loan every 3-5 years, not to mention your trail. Add that one up over a 5 year period!

It’s also costing the people who you know, love and care for the risk of going directly to a bank! Shocking!

So I’ll give you some basics that you should all be doing, then join YCM on our webinar for the other 25+ channels of people you already know! You’ll be surprised how quickly we GROW your database!

5 Database channels that are a MUST!

  1. All your immediate family (no judgements here please)
  2. Your extended family – yes those as well
  3. All your friends
  4. Your interstate friends
  5. Previous work colleagues

If you just add 10 people in each of these categories you’ll add another 50 people to your list.

What if 20% of them needed to refinance? Had too much debt? Needed a new car? Wanted to get an investment property? Had children buying their first home?

That’s 10 loans just sitting there in that list of people you are not communicating with.

And we’re only at number 5. We have over 30 ways you can add people you already know to your contact list.

So how do you get access to our great database building strategies?

Join us for our webinar on Wednesday 27 April at 2pm AEST for the most valuable webinar you will tap into this year.