How To Stay Engaged And Relevant To Your Clients


Accountants hold an important position among finance professionals, often earning the moniker of the ‘trusted adviser’. A consequence of this title is that clients, particularly SME clients, look to their accountant for information and advice on more than their tax return. So, how do you go about providing this service, and why is it important for […]

Brokers will struggle unless they do something different


In October last year, Your Client Matters ran a series of webinars about weathering the perfect storm.

We predicted the scenario that is currently playing out for mortgage brokers.

As you were all very busily locking your clients into low fixed interest rates, we warned you to plan forward to the future (NOW) as the time would come […]

THE ‘Do I Buy Or Rent?’ Dilemma!


As many professional long term investors would be aware, before the last decade of low mortgage interest rates there were many reasons for renting and purchasing an investment property versus buying your home as your first property purchase.
Not only have the incredibly low interest rates helped renters and adult children still living at home enter the […]

Learn how to increase your email open rates


The finance industry’s open rate for email campaigns is 21.56%.

Your Client Matters’ open rates for their marketing partners averages between 30 and 40%!

And if it doesn’t reach 25% in your first 3 campaigns, we have strategies to help you achieve that.

Let’s face it…

With so much rubbish in our inbox these days it is harder to get […]

Identifying Your Clients’ Needs Before They Do


When creating a marketing program, we want it to be successful.

But how do we know if it is successful?

What are we trying to achieve and how do we actually achieve it?

Marketing Success

Is success:

  • the number of followers and likes you have on social media?
  • the number of likes and comments on your social media posts?
  • the […]

Are we heading for a BIG fall?


As business owners, it is a constant juggle between generating leads, processing loan applications and retaining past clients. We all know that if we fail to allocate the appropriate time to each activity, it is likely that at a future time we are likely to face a particular challenge.

However, with the current active property market and […]

Facebook Success is Out of Your Hands


With 15 million Australians actively utilising Facebook, it would be easy to assume that Facebook offers an endless supply of opportunity.

However, is it the lead generation tool that it would appear to be on the outside? Facebook advertising seems to be more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’ for finance brokers, even for those who have refined their advertising […]

Why having referral partnerships is great for business, but why having referral strategies is 10 times better!


How many times do you hear that we all need referral partners?


How do some make it work and others can’t seem to get a foot in the door?
After working with brokers and planners for over 15 years, I’ll tell you […]

Don’t lose your clients to your lenders…


Having just passed our 15th year in business and after years of helping brokers with their marketing over this time, two important things happened last month that we thought were worth mentioning.

The first, if you saw our video on Facebook recently, was about the power of paper.

– Mail Chimp announced last month that they […]

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