Having just passed our 15th year in business and after years of helping brokers with their marketing over this time, two important things happened last month that we thought were worth mentioning.

The first, if you saw our video on Facebook recently, was about the power of paper.

– Mail Chimp announced last month that they are now providing a post card service as QUOTE “Say hi in real life with printed post cards”.


– We received an envelope in my letter box from Google promoting Google AdWords.

Now if the leading online agencies in the world are promoting and using the good old ‘pop it in the post’ strategy, what does that say for all this online marketing? Is it working? Does it need help?

And what does YCM have to say about that?
Nothing that we already haven’t been saying for the last 15 years… Use it!

Now of course we are not going to suggest that you should not be using online marketing because it obviously has its place. But it makes us smile every time we see these larger marketing companies recommending the use of post as a way of gaining attention and communicating to your clients via MAIL.

We don’t need to rant on about that, you all know YCM’s thoughts on print based communication.

To our other thought of the month…

We often laugh in our office with great pride as other marketing companies come out with topics and issues that we have already released.

A few days ago we saw a subject heading that was nearly the same as ours for the December email campaigns.

The problem this time was, we had not sent ours out yet. So who was sneaking a peek at our campaigns we thought…

Well to my surprise it was actually an email campaign from one of the major lenders whom I have finance with.

I used to receive email campaigns from another BIG lender about 4 years ago, however it was inconsistent and dropped off after a while.

This one scared me a little.

Although the messages were to small business owners, my thoughts immediately went back to some workshops I delivered when I first started in this business. I used to say to brokers, “You are very lucky that the banks haven’t worked it out yet that all they need to do is look after their clients and they wouldn’t need to advertise so much.”

In the past they haven’t really communicated well to their clients (other than trying to cross-sell insurance products), and they don’t really service customers that great at all. It’s keeping you all in your business.

When I saw this email campaign, with pretty good content I might add, and written in a way that may even appeal to the consumer, I started worrying about the broker market. If the lenders start sending out regular communication and engagement pieces, what’s going to happen to YOUR business?

You have enough on your plate to worry about with the industry changes, tighter regulation and harder servicing criteria without having to now also worry about the lenders communicating AND marketing to YOUR clients.

If this is going to be the new trend from the BIG 4, AND you are a broker who sends your clients to the BIG 4, AND you are a broker who does not stay in touch with your clients, we are really worried about the future of your business.

NOW more than EVER, is the time to ensure you have the BEST client communication strategies in place, the best client engagement strategies AND the best client retention tools available to you.

Once that deal settles with your lender, and they start staying in touch with YOUR CLIENT, good luck with your retention.

So what can you do?

STOP using the lenders who stay in touch with YOUR CLIENTS? – unlikely!

Have a better connection strategy to promote loyalty and longevity with your clients – sounds like a great idea to us!

Ensure YOUR brand, YOUR face, YOUR logo AND YOUR commitment to your clients’ finance are TOP OF MIND – regular, consistent and professional.

If your marketing and client communication needs a facelift or some attention, then have a chat to YOUR YCM marketing team to see how we can help and improve your client: Attraction, Engagement AND Retention by using the industry’s leading marketing tools, systems and strategies to protect your business from other influences.

We cannot control what the lenders do or send to your clients.
But we can control and implement a diverse range of communication and engagement strategies for you to ensure your clients will come back AND refer their family and friends.

To learn more about the YCM marketing program watch our video on how YCM can accelerate your business next year under the Webinars section on our website.

We look forward to helping you make 2019 ‘simply the best!’
Don’t leave it too long.

Our brand new competition has opened and is already making an impact on our marketing partners’ diaries.
Why not fill yours as well?

Sending you best wishes for the festive season and all our marketing love for the new year.
Safe travels, rest up and get ready for a fabulous year ahead.

From your YCM marketing team.

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