How much business do you lose every single month because your client ‘didn’t want to bother you’?

I see and hear every single day brokers looking for new leads.

I also speak with consumers of loans every single day who are renovating and spending lots of money that should be sitting in their offset account. But they tell me that when they need a top up of their loan they go straight back to the lender that YOU put them in.

You know what happens next don’t you! No more trail.

When I ask them why they haven’t contacted their broker, their response is “Oh, I didn’t want to bother them”.

Then I have to explain why they should immediately contact their broker and stop dealing with the bank.

The next question of course I have to ask them is “Does your broker stay in touch with you?”

Nearly 100% of the time the answer is “no”.

In this day and age with technology, outsourcing and mobile phones I find it amazing that some brokers are still too busy to implement a client communication system to stay in touch with their clients.

I am concerned that everyone is looking for a quick fix, a new website, some fancy and expensive online or digital strategy to bring in additional leads – and we aren’t even looking after and chatting to the people who we have already met.

When we ask “How are you?” We always answer “Busy”.

No wonder we leave the impression that we are too busy for our clients to bother us…

Check your trail drop off, then call the YCM marketing team to discuss how we can maintain and grow your trail and protect your business from decline.

I’m am sure you have all heard it before…

It costs so much more to gain a new client than keep an existing one.

Jump on the phone today. We’d love you to meet some of your previous clients again very soon.

Because we all know that… Your Client Matters

Cheers from the YCM marketing team