Do you know what ‘triggers’ your clients to require your assistance or services?

As a finance professional, what are the financial lifecycles of each of your clients and are you are able to identify and benefit from these events?

These days, being a broker is such a time consuming job. It is hard to stay on top of large amounts of administration, regulations, changes and updates as well as keep in contact with your clients to ensure they make educated decisions.

We sometimes take our clients for granted.

It is easier to assume our clients know ‘who’ and ‘when’ to call than it is for us to pick up the phone and ask if their circumstances have changed or if they are achieving their financial goals.

We take it for granted that they will reach out to us when the need arises and not go directly to their lender – or perhaps another broker.

We don’t wake up with a sudden urge to call our broker.

We all have events in our lives that may require financial assistance.

As humans, we are exposed to saving and investment opportunities every day, but often delay decisions based on lack of knowledge, understanding and education.

And then we end up doing nothing because we are scared to ask for help or are talked out of making a decision by our friends, family or peers.

As a Finance Professional…

We may be guilty of NOT PAYING ATTENTION to:

  • what ‘triggers’ our clients to call us in the first place, and
  • how we accept our clients’ excuses to delay their decisions.

We then end up missing out on opportunities.

This is why we encourage finance professionals, like yourself, to outsource their marketing and client communication – to avoid these pitfalls in business.

Long term business growth requires more than effective lead generation strategies.

It is a complete process that also includes the nurturing and qualification of a new found prospect until they become a client.

Awesome and engaging content that triggers your clients IN TO ACTION is what is required for long term retention and re-engagement of your clients.

After your service has been initially provided, an ongoing relationship should continue to be fostered enabling you to secure a lifelong client, including their future business AND the business of their family and friends.

We have a saying in the YCM office…

Everyone knows someone in the next 12 months who needs a loan.”

Now read that again.

Your business growth process needs to cater for new business from prospects and new business from your existing clients.


  • identify these opportunities?
  • build their trust?
  • demonstrate your professionalism and ability to add value?
  • identify when they require your services?
  • secure their business?


  • how will you maintain the relationship beyond the initial service delivery?

 We are here to help…

 Your Client Matters specialises in delivering the full sales process designed for business growth for finance professionals. We have done so for nearly two decades.

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Because after all…

Your Clients Matter

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