Accountants hold an important position among finance professionals, often earning the moniker of the ‘trusted adviser’. A consequence of this title is that clients, particularly SME clients, look to their accountant for information and advice on more than their tax return. So, how do you go about providing this service, and why is it important for your business?

Proactive and engaging client communication

Many clients don’t always realise that there are questions they should be asking their accountant. Being proactive with client education and regular communication imparting the knowledge they need, puts you at the centre of their financial life.

It’s not just about generating more revenue – it can be as simple as providing a few additional services that enhances your value proposition across the board.

Accounting clients don’t need or want to be part of an emailing list that sends out every update on tax laws

What they will welcome is educational and regular information that is relevant to their business or personal circumstances.

If you can understand what your clients are interested in and communicate that on a regular basis, then you will qualify yourself into having conversations with them based on the content and the information you have sent. Makes for a much more interesting relationship.

It is imperative that your regular communication covers what most business owners need to know and should be discussing with you before taking any action.

These topics include finance, investing, asset protection, estate planning and self-managed super funds (SMSFs), just to name a few.

For example, you almost certainly have clients considering property investment but are unsure as to where they should seek advice. Or they might be a good candidate for an SMSF but be uncertain about what an SMSF actually is and how it might benefit them.

By sending regular educational and relevant information on the range of topics you should be discussing with your clients will ultimately lead to a stronger client relationship and increased revenue in your business.

The key is ensuring that your marketing communication is interesting and engaging, as well as educational, to keep your clients absorbing and acting on the information.

If you send out generic newsletters that don’t target specific audiences within your database, your clients won’t feel unique and will eventually stop reading.

Quality client communication, on the other hand, drives re-engagement from existing clients, quality referrals and referral partnerships, and a community of clients where you can build longevity and long term retention.

It is also important your digital presence is up to date

Having a tired, old website won’t cut it anymore. And as for a social media presence?

Even if you personally don’t like being on social media, your clients do – so you need a professional and consistent presence.

However, you don’t need to be shelling out for Facebook or LinkedIn advertising, or even on SEO (search engine optimisation), because spending money in these areas is less effective than traditional forms of client engagement. Even for the younger generation! Don’t be fooled into thinking your next lead is going to come from Facebook. Not likely for accountants.

But you need a good looking website and regular posts on your social media, so when people do Google you, you can be found and appear to be in the world of digital technology.

Introducing Your Client Matters

Behind the scenes is a regular team of people who have had poor relationships and lack of communication from their accountants, brokers and in general the finance industry. And they want to help you and change that for your clients.

Understanding your skills and expertise are in your accounting and extended services, the YCM Team fills that client communication gap for you. They create amazing and relevant content they want to hear about from their service providers.

Sitting in the shoes of your client enables them to deliver quality and engaging regular communication that serves your clients as PAYG or business owners all facing the same issues.

Where do they go to find good quality financial education? Their accountant

Your Client Matters is a marketing agency with decades of experience. They provide educational material to you and your industry peers in the finance industry. Their communications with your clients help you re-engage with existing clients for more services and generate qualified referrals to help you grow new business.

The YCM difference is that you get a lot more than a marketing program.

You join a dedicated industry specialised marketing team that includes your very own personal marketing coach to ensure you are sending the right information to your clients while you continue to do what you are great at – helping your clients with their financial and taxation needs.

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