As business owners, it is a constant juggle to generate leads, process loan applications and retain existing clients to avoid the sales roller coaster. Oh – and keep up with the ever-changing finance and industry regulations.

It is easier to assume our clients know ‘who’ and ‘when’ to call than it is for us to pick up the phone and ask if their circumstances have changed or whether they are achieving their financial goals.

It’s the question we have all asked at some stage in business… “how can we generate more leads?”

However, the question that you should be asking is “how can I generate more high quality leads?” Generating a steady stream of highly qualified leads is a far more efficient use of time, money and resources.

As a starting point, you need to check that the fundamentals are right.

Some of the common mistakes we see with lead generation are:

  1. It’s all about you – not them
    Lead generation needs to be all about your audience, not about your company and what it offers. Forget trying to sell and instead focus on offering content that will educate, inform and of course trigger them into taking action.
  2. Your communication is inconsistent and unclear
    How you communicate is important. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your clients and speak in clear and understandable language. The information needs to attract them. Take a step back and look at how your company is presenting itself. Assess their website, online content and all other marketing materials.
  3. You’re expecting to see results too quickly
    Don’t write off an activity until you’re sure you’ve executed it properly and given it enough time to work. Lead generation approaches, such as content marketing, take considerable time to be up and running. But it’s not about rushing to get loads and loads of content out –quality will always win over quantity. The more quality content you produce, the quicker you’ll start to see results.
  4. You are working in the dark
    It’s hard to work in the dark… and trying 10 different strategies at the same time won’t help you see any more clearly. Trying out one lead generation tactic at a time and figuring out if it works is a much wiser tactic. Make sure to track your results and investment so you are able to make a well-educated decision before dumping strategies that may actually be achieving your objectives, even if the results aren’t immediate.
  5. Don’t have a start to finish process
    The best lead generation programs are ‘always-on’, consistent and are systematic. A sound process is completely mapped – from the top of the sales funnel, right through to the closing stage – with associated processes, people, resources and technology to support it.
  6. Not offering useful content and nurturing tools
    Converting a unique visitor into a lead is a complex process. One thing you may not be counting on, one that elevates the risk of that prospect disappearing forever, is the value of the content you’re offering. Capturing contact information is necessary for lead conversion. However, most businesses aren’t successful with this because they fail to provide that one extra piece of value to entice the lead into handing over their information. The smartest strategy is to make sure you’re offering useful content in exchange for their information and/or additional participation within the sales funnel.

Every business is unique and there is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to establishing your lead generation strategy.

When determining your lead generation and conversion strategy you need to consider:

  1. Your business objectives – for example are you looking to grow your business or just maintain your trail?
  2. Understand your business positioning – do you specialise in helping first home buyers or asset finance? Understanding your target market is important as it will help determine the channels and platforms where you should invest your time.
  3. The resources within your business – as indicated earlier, your lead generation is unlikely to be a set and forget strategy – it is likely to require regular maintenance and updates. Who will be responsible in your office and what time allocation will be given to achieving your objectives?
  4. Your existing sales process – your lead generation strategy should enhance and strengthen your existing sales process. In today’s market we are seeing more and more brokers utilising digital, primarily social media to deliver their sales process.

By understanding your objectives, target market and available resources, you’ll be able to formulate a deliberate lead generation and conversion plan to achieve your objectives whatever they may be.

All sound too hard?

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