Introducing Your YCM Team

We create a team environment of responsibility, accountability and initiative, aiming to deliver beyond the traditional expectations of “great customer service”. We believe that business should be fun, educational, challenging and profitable.

Because, after all…

Your Client Matters

02 7255 8488 | 04888 33362

Maria Sison
Customer Engagement
T: (02) 7255 8488
Kristie Greig
SME Business and Marketing Consultant
M: 0451 511 547
Labrina Timoney
Marketing & Partner Strategy Manager
M: 0484 068 519
Danielle Frasca
Production Manager
Coral Wade
Partner Success
Rodney Ellis
Senior Software Developer
Rohil Khadgee
Software Developer
Deena Janes
M: 04888 33362

“I suffered through 10 years of marketing seminars in Treasury divisions of big banks (Macquarie and Deutsche Bank) and no presenter I experienced came within an inch of your skills. Generally after the first 15 minutes I was nodding off! You keep the audience engaged, provide useful tips and lead by example – as you are selling your business to us, we see how to sell ours to our clients. Your support staff are also great – friendly, helpful, and with relevant experience. It’s a pleasure to be a client!”

Jenny McLaughlin