As business owners, it is a constant juggle to generate leads, process loan applications and retain existing clients to avoid the sales roller coaster.

It is easier to assume our clients know ‘who’ and ‘when’ to call than it is for us to pick up the phone and ask if their circumstances have changed or are they achieving their financial goals.

If only there were more hours in the day…

If you had more hours in the day would you call your clients and say…

“Now that your kids have left home, how about we get you into that investment property you have always wanted?”

“Now that you have paid off that car loan, can we help you start your investment portfolio?”

What if there was an easier way to bring business forward?

How would you also determine those clients that require financial assistance – versus those who do not – without the time consuming process of calling them to find out? Well you can…

Mass Communication

It all starts with utilising a more efficient engagement process other than time consuming phone calls – something that can be communicated on masse. Print and email are the most effective means to achieving this.

Some of us may already be distributing newsletters or articles of interest, however how many of us stop to think about the messages and information we should be sending as opposed to those we are sending?

So how do we best engage?

Through Educating your Clients

Ever notice how we all love ‘buying’ items but hate being ‘sold’ to? A successful strategy is to engage our clients in a non-confrontable manner.

Experience has shown that client education is the key to staying relevant and being top of mind when the need arises.

What is relevant?

We work on the principle that no one wakes up one day thinking that they absolutely ‘need’ to call their broker today.

Therefore when engaging with your clients you need to trigger their thoughts and challenge their thinking about their own financial situation that compels them to take action.

These triggers generally occur around life events, ie getting married and buying a first home, an expanding family requiring more space, repaying a car loan etc. You need to cover all target audiences.

Now that you have their attention – who to call?

Make It Easy to Take the Next Step

Do you have a clear call-to-action to identify those clients that you have ‘triggered’?

Once you have educated your client, you need to tease them with a snippet of the likely solution.

You want to leave them wanting to know more, with a desire to request more details, compelling them to take action.

Make it easy for them to take the next step. Create a means by which they call out to you, so in the event that they do not call you, you call them. Perhaps this could be a downloadable fact sheet, budget planner or a booklet?

Identification is Key

When clients request additional information, you need to ensure you have a means to collect their details to prioritise your calls.

If you are unable to track this electronically, you’ll need to request their contact details during the process.

This is your Qualification Process

Anyone reaching out for more information will likely mean they are looking to build their knowledge in the particular area you have highlighted. Now you have the what to talk about and it is time to call.

Some will be ready to ACT now, some won’t be ready for a few months, while for others it will be a few years.

AND that’s ok.

Remember, they are likely to have friends who they can refer you to.

Questions you need to ask yourself

    1. 1. Do I have an effective engagement plan?
    1. 2. If so, am I triggering my clients into action with relevant education?
    1. 3. Can I identify those who I have triggered?

All sound too hard?

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Because after all…

Your Clients Matter

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