I had the unfortunate experience the other day reading what I would call one of the worst email campaigns I have ever read from a claimed ‘expert’ in the field of ‘digital advertising’.

What they did was break the marketing rule #1 – Thou shalt not slander the opposition.

It was quite clear that they had no idea about what the opposition did, but they chose to do it anyway.

I’ve been involved with marketing for many years and it’s quite common knowledge, as I’m hoping you are aware, that you never bag out a competitor. Even if you think they are terrible, it’s just not ‘the done thing’.

What was so appalling about this marketing piece was they could have done exactly the same campaign and message WITHOUT having to bag out anyone or identify the business that was being criticised.

I call it pure laziness. Market on your own merit of what YOU CAN DO instead of putting down someone else to get business.

So, does this happen to you?

I’m sure we have all heard a ‘bad broker’ story, a ‘bad real estate agent’ story, and we’ve all heard of those ‘bad car sales’ people. There are good and ‘bad’ in every industry. But what do we actually know versus what we hear?

I honestly believe that what your clients do want to hear is what you are good at, what you can do for them and how you will fix their current problem – not what someone else is NOT doing.

Even when you’ve heard my story about using 8 mortgage brokers, I have never said they we bad – in fact I liked them all. What they failed to do was to communicate to me on a regular basis and allow me to be a loyal client by keeping me posted (pardon the pun), educated and updated while providing me with their contact details every month or so.

So let’s pull together as an industry. Let’s see some positive talk out there. We need more people using mortgage brokers and why they need them.

Let’s not bag out the big 4, but point out there are other options if you are declined.

Let’s not be distracted with all the bad news from the Royal Commission, the election, the property market and whatever else is holding you back from building your business.

Let’s get together and have some discussions on how we can help. If we can help. And what that might look like.

There are many ‘experts’ out there, however I will not name and shame them. Every type of marketing has a place and there is a large range of options, providers and solutions to fit any business. As there are many clients who need help.

But what we don’t know is how we can help if we don’t start a conversation.

And that’s what YCM is really good at. Helping you start conversations with people who need finance.

To find out more, please jump into our diaries or call the office because we just want to help brokers and planners grow their business.

After all…
Your client matters…
Sending you marketing love…
From your dedicated team of finance specialist marketing experts for over 15 years