You know I can’t help telling a good story… so here goes.

As you are aware, we help a few hundred brokers each month build their businesses and stand apart from their peers.

We are always on the lookout for good stories to share with you, great marketing tips and other ways to make your face smile and help grow your business.

It has been an interesting few weeks at YCM HQ since the RC-KITG (Royal Commission – Kick in the Guts recommendations). Our office has been in full steam sending out additional services to the customers of our brokers asking them to support the industry – with some awesome results.

Our webinar on “The trail accelerator” was an overwhelming success with nearly 200 brokers participating across 2 sessions. If you missed it, we are running it again on 21 March. Please register today so you don’t miss out this time.

The “Kick your trail book into over drive” webinar covers what you need to do as a finance specialist to reclaim and keep your existing clients and how to build your trail to capacity over the next 16 or so months.

We have dozens of ideas we shared and a lot of it is simply – back to basics.
The good ol’:
– stay in touch with your clients
– make sure they remember you
– how to stand out from your peers etc
PLUS some new, easy to implement strategies to fill your diary fast!

So what’s all this got to do with a bottle of wine?

Well, something happened at YCM HQ this week and how I wished I had this story to tell last week in the webinar…

So, here it is…
One of my team members came in to the office on Monday, really impressed.
She got home on Thursday night after work and there was a package sitting at her front door from her husband’s broker – a bottle of red wine. (He obviously knows what it’s like to work at YCM lol.)

When she was telling us the story on Monday, I asked “who is the broker?”
(Obviously wanting to know if it was one of our partners…)
She couldn’t tell me.

I said “why did he send you a bottle of wine?”
Well apparently he had called her hubby a week or so ago to see how the loan that they refinanced just over a year ago was going. Then a week later a bottle of wine appeared at their front door. What a great gesture. (I hope my broker is reading this!!!)

What was interesting however, even though the wine had arrived, she still couldn’t remember the broker’s name or company. Perhaps that’s the wine’s fault, but it makes a good story.

So I obviously wasn’t happy with that. I had to know who the broker was.
Now that I have drilled her – she came back the next day and now does remember his name (he can thank me later) AND she said they will probably go back to him next time they need finance since they were so impressed.

So what’s my point I hear you saying?
Several actually.
Firstly, they should have shared it with me… just kidding

  1. What a great action to call your clients, to see how they are.
  2. Even a better gesture to send them a gift (red wine isn’t for everyone, but hey – was good for my team member)
    This is the stuff we all used to do years ago, but it seems to have stopped.
  3. However, the wife still could not recall his name or company name after telling the story.

I also asked if he stayed in touch with them via email or newsletters etc.
Had not heard from him for the last 12 months.

So although the bottle of red is an awesome gesture, how will they find his details next time they need a loan or want to refinance?

I’ve often asked brokers – “If you had the time, would you take your clients out for coffee once a quarter?”
Mostly I get a resounding YES! Of course we would.

So a bottle of wine plus delivery would have cost perhaps about $30, even less than 4 cups of coffee a year.

Did you also know…

that you can stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis so they will also remember your name… and company name… as well as the bottle of wine for actually less than the bottle of wine AND less than a cup of coffee each quarter?

But there are still brokers who forget the basic marketing 101 rule of ‘staying in touch with your clients’.
With today’s technology and online digital footprint, it is very easy to stay top of mind for your clients to make sure they will come back AND make it easy for them to refer to you.

Another common and HUGE error I see, not only in this industry, but most industries, is that when times get tough, most businesses look at cutting their costs. And what do you suppose is one of the things on top of the hit list?
Yep – you guessed it – marketing.

Why on earth would you stop communicating to your clients in tough or more difficult times?
This is the time to actually ramp up your client contact.

Just like the broker who got on the phone to check in and then over deliver on expectation and send a bottle of wine, TODAY is the time to take action.

If you are not communicating with your clients, how do you expect them to remember you and contact you next time they need a loan?

Sometimes it’s not the marketing that isn’t working, it’s just ‘the market’.
We’ve been here before. But whatever you do, DO NOT stop marketing and communicating with your clients during tough times. That only leads to even tougher times.

Thanks for reading…

From your YCM marketing team.