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In such a digitally saturated world, how do we grab our clients’ attention so we can get OUR message across? Many marketers and business owners may think the rise of digital platforms at our finger tips will bring about the death of printed publications and client engagement. Well so far it hasn’t and it’s unlikely to for a long while.

We have yet to see houses being built without mail boxes, so it must be here to stay.

If you have read our previous blogs, seen us at industry events, or even followed us on Facebook, no doubt you would know that we are still strongly in favour of printed communication – that’s why we have sent you this in the post!

With the cost of postage steadily increasing over the years, and email communication so easy to access, the power of post still makes an impact on client communication. In fact it has become even more outstanding because NOT MANY in our industry (except our clever print partners) send their clients anything in the mail any more.

Inboxes are becoming even more congested and ignored.Messages and opportunities are being missed by all of us AND our clients.

In April 2019, Statisa recorded that there are 293.6 BILLION emails sent EVERY DAY.

And it’s only going to get worse…

Statista is predicting that in 2023, more than 347.3 billion emails will be sent daily. Look out lost productivity. We are going to be spending half our working day reading and sorting through emails.

So how are you going to cut through the online clutter and reach your clients?

Of course you know…

Printed material has a huge advantage over digital marketing AND has an important role to play with the effectiveness of online marketing.

Physically receiving something that is personally addressed inspires instant engagement. Just as we can’t and don’t ignore our text messages on our phones, it’s also hard to leave an unopened letter for too long either.

Why is print communication still vital to your marketing program?

Because email and digital marketing (although important) still attract a low engagement rate. You need 3 to 4 times the volume of clients on an email list to have the same response as something popped in the letter box.

If you manage to get a 30% open rate with your email communication, you are doing really well.

That’s only 30 people out of every hundred who are engaging with you. What’s happening to the other 70%?

Print communication

  • has an excellent open rate (so you need less people to see the same thing on email)
  • hangs around for weeks (not seconds)
  • makes you stand out of the crowd in today’s busy environment and competition
  • sends your clients back to your online presence

Print based marketing has a place in every business’s marketing plethora.

Do you use print marketing in isolation?

Not at all. You use it to enhance your other marketing platforms.

How do we know this?

Well we’ve been doing it for years AND the online giants still use it.

Every 6 months YCM receives a letter in our office mailbox FROM GOOGLE! (Always makes us laugh.)

Why is GOOGLE posting stuff to us? To crack through their own online clutter. A crazy, lightbulb idea?
That’s right!

The leading search engine in THE WORLD wants YCM to pay attention and the only way they can do that is by mailing it to us. LOL.

Then we received a letter last month from…wait for it… Another online giant!

Why would companies like GOOGLE and BOOKING.COM post something to business owners? Because it works!

No one will spend that sort of money if they don’t get a return on investment.

YCM’s Finance Matters Magazine has been landing on our brokers’ customers’ kitchen benches for nearly 16 years.

Your brand is:

  • more than just a website
  • more than your email blasts, and
  • more than your social media post

Your brand is also:

  • your message
  • your content
  • your professional look, and
  • your investment in going above and beyond

Do you want your brand to stand out in the crowd?

Then jump OFFLINE and see the difference.

Your Client Matters has been delivering print magazines for our Partners for nearly 16 years.

Could this be the secret to why we are still in business?

Our passion is to help you grow and retain your business through professional, credible and engaging client communication.

Discover what our professionally designed, fully branded printed magazine can do for your business TODAY.

Contact YCM on 02 9526 9999 and let our marketing strategists work one on one with you to keep you accountable to your business marketing goals.