Long term business growth requires more than effective lead generation strategies. It is a complete process that also includes the nurturing and qualifying of a new found prospect until they become a client. Having initially provided your service, the relationship should continue to be fostered enabling you to secure and maintain the future business of a lifelong client. The sales process therefore needs to cater for sales to both prospects and existing clients.

The process needs to consider the journey of a prospect:

  • how they will first be identified
  • building their trust
  • demonstrating your professionalism and ability to add value
  • identifying when they require your services
  • securing their business, and
  • maintaining the relationship beyond the initial service delivery.

To successfully implement a process you will need to establish the necessary strategies, products and systems to track the journey of a prospect and client, ensuring that they do not ‘fall out’ of the process at any of the stages.

Our experience has shown that the qualify stage happens to be the stage that most often fails within a business but is also most critical in allowing you to be most effective with your valuable time.

We acknowledge that some finance professionals do distribute regular communication, however you need to ensure your ‘education’ not only needs to be compelling for them to take action, it also needs to leave them wanting to know more with a desire to request more details.

Having a process to identify those who have ‘called themselves out’ is important for qualifying prospects.

Because remember… no one wakes up needing to call their broker. Something has happened in their life that triggers them to call.

So, how do you know who to call, when to call and what to talk about to them without calling every single client and saying ‘Hey, do you, or anyone you know, need a loan?’

With the implementation of indirect mechanisms, the above is easily achieved.

When determining your strategy to grow your business you need to:

  1. understand your target markets and determine the lead generation channels most appropriate for these audiences
  2. ensure there are strong lead capture and qualifying strategies and mechanisms in place to ensure your time is productively utilised
  3. understand the journey of a prospective client from how they will be identified through to your first meeting with them
  4. establish how you will nurture the relationship and ultimately convert the lead into a client
  5. determine how best to deliver and resource the overall lead generation strategy in the most effective and efficient way to drive a return on your investment of time and money, and
  6. measure the success to determine if it is worthwhile to continue the strategy.

By understanding your objectives, target market and available resources, you’ll be able to formulate a deliberate lead generation and conversion plan to achieve your objectives whatever they may be.

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