How many times do you hear that we all need referral partners?


How do some make it work and others can’t seem to get a foot in the door?
After working with brokers and planners for over 15 years, I’ll tell you why.

MOST businesses do not have a system to:

  • find a good referral partner
  • qualify a good referral partner
  • engage a good referral partner


  • qualify a referral partner’s leads

Other principles typically missing from a referral partnership are:

  • understanding their needs and requirements from a referral relationship
  • understanding their business and business model, culture and expectations
  • how to give back but not include sharing commissions (that’s a biggie)
  • what and how to communicate feedback from the client and to the referral partner

I’ve spoken to many brokers who claim to have a business built on referrals from accountants.

They tell me they have over 20 accountants who refer to them.

When I ask them, “How many referrals do they send you each month?” their answers have been very interesting.

Most accountants only sent them A FEW clients EACH YEAR when they remembered to or if a client asked them about finance.

Receiving a few clients each year from over 20 accountants IS IMPRESSIVE – but it’s also very hard work.

Firstly there are 20+ relationships to manage, 20+ business models to know, 20+ personalities to work with and the system to remember who sent who to whom… and then you have to be really good at tracking the whole process.

When most accountants deal with 500 or more clients each year, why would they only send through 3-4 referrals a year?

My guess is they are not proactive in referring and only refer when their client asks them if they know of a good broker.

What do I know about accountants?

  • I know they are busy
  • I know they want to help their clients to save money
  • I know they value the relationship and want to protect their client base
  • And I understand that most of them would love to work with a broker IF they understood the value that brokers offer
  • I also truly believe that when you set up a great partnership, it doesn’t matter so much about the money exchanging hands, it is more about the level and quality of service a referral partner brings to the table AND how they will return the favour

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