What Our YCM Partners Say

Our experience shows those who:

  • invest in our preferred marketing program
  • undertake the necessary training and then implement our three core strategies
  • whilst utilising our systems and products

on average generates 600 CLIENT ENGAGEMENTS per annum.

On average 25% of those engagements will be qualified. You can’t help but to write more business!

The YCM marketing program will pay for itself within months when you follow the tried and tested strategies.

Belinda Janes
Empire Home Loans

Mark Goedecke
Direct Deal Finance

Deena and YCM have been long standing associates of our companies providing tailor-made strategies that are flexible and get measurable results. More than that, Deena and her team at YCM go above and beyond to ensure their clients and networks are achieving the goals and display unwavering integrity, professionalism, and genuine assistance, input, and empathy, during good times and in crisis. Deena has personally assisted with the management of our companies when we needed it, despite it being outside of her role, on many occasions so promptly, efficiently, and for outcomes that were highly successful. Finding people like Deena and her team with integrity and professionalism that is unbeatable is a rare and invaluable opportunity to create relationships based on trust and of course, dependable and profitable outcomes!

Tanya Levin
Premier Partners Finance

Think Advantage

More Money Solutions

Empire Home Loans

Centrepoint Finance

Educated Finance

Wilson Financial

Loan House

BFG Finance


My business has been a Your Client Matters subscriber since 2007 and use you as my sole marketing adviser.

Being a sole practitioner and primarily focussed upon servicing my client base I decided from the outset to sub contract the marketing function and after doing my due diligence selected YCM to act for me.

This has been one of my best decisions since beginning my own Mortgage Broking business.

YCM has created and maintained my website during this time and it is a great tool for my business.

The printed magazine, however, is the best marketing tool I have used in my 35 years of being self-employed.
The printed magazine has consistently produced new clients for me and it has more than paid for itself each year I have been a subscriber.

The quality of production, the relevance of the articles, the topics covered and their content is a powerful combination that consistently receives positive back from my existing client base as well as from new clients receiving the magazine for the first time.

In my opinion YCM printed magazine is the industry leader and benchmark for potential competitors to measure themselves against as are their suite of other marketing tools available to each subscriber.
Deena has developed a first-class team over the years and her leadership, creativity and foresight together with her boundless energy creates a formidable team.

I unreservedly recommend YCM to other mortgage brokers as well as financial planners.

Warren Bund 
Finance Consultant – Warren Bund Financial Services

I take the view that your marketing is your shop front.

It’s the first thing your prospective client sees of your business. With that in mind, I had a choice of either:

A grade material with content that reads as if it was written for a magazine that resonates with clients on topics that relate to their lifestyle.

C grade material with content full of jargon that reads like it was taken from a text book.

Test it for yourself. Read an article from Your Client Matters, then follow it up with an article from the package your group maybe offering. That was the deciding factor for me.

I run my business at an A grade level & I want A grade marketing to back that up.

Your Client Matters also offers 2 holiday prizes a year that you can promote to your client base as a thank you for being part of your business community.

That gives me the benefit of being able to stand out from the crowd and it also qualifies the clients through an attached survey form.

I am yet to see lenders’ branches offering holidays.

The hidden benefit I discovered once I started talking to people about the travel competition was that the dynamics of the phone call completely changed.

When you call your client looking for business and the prospective client on the other end of the phone senses that you want something, it is sometimes uncomfortable.

Now when I call an old friend I haven’t spoken with for years, I mention that our office is running a competition for 2 people to Europe. It easily opens the conversation with me giving something of value – a chance to win a holiday.

I speak briefly about what I am doing relating to finance in the middle of the call and close the call with “I hope you win as it will make the best story at barbeques for years if you win.” What would often happen is the person would start to open up about their plans and I’d be taking notes for house refinances in 2 years or a car purchase in 12 months.

The competition creates a talking point on a topic that many people are passionate about – travel.

Thanks YCM
Brett Olson
Finance Consultant – Ardent Finance

“I suffered through 10 years of marketing seminars in Treasury divisions of big banks (Macquarie and Deutsche Bank) and no presenter I experienced came within an inch of your skills. Generally after the first 15 minutes I was nodding off! You keep the audience engaged, provide useful tips and lead by example – as you are selling your business to us, we see how to sell ours our to our clients. Your support staff are also great – friendly, helpful, and with relevant experience. It’s a pleasure to be a client!”

Jenny McLaughlin

I have been running my own mortgage business for 4 months and am a new to industry broker with Purple Circle.I decided to join Your Client Matters within a few months of starting as I liked the strategy of running their lead generation, competition strategy as it seemed like a fun engaging way to build my database.Since joining, I have been very happy with the level of support, depth of content and overall service provided.
Deena and her team are always free to answer your questions and give you feedback or advise.
Deena and the team at YCM are like having your very own marketing cashes, but at a fraction of the cost.

Claire Viskovich
Beez Neez Finance