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I take the view that your marketing is your shop front.

It’s the first thing your prospective client sees of your business. With that in mind, I had a choice of either:

  • A grade material with content that reads as if it was written for a magazine that resonates with clients on topics that relate to their lifestyle.
  • C grade material with content full of jargon that reads like it was taken from a text book.

Test it for yourself. Read an article from Your Client Matters, then follow it up with an article from the package your group maybe offering. That was the deciding factor for me.

I run my business at an A grade level & I want A grade marketing to back that up.

Your Client Matters also offers 2 holiday prizes a year that you can promote to your client base as a thank you for being part of your business community.

That gives me the benefit of being able to stand out from the crowd and it also qualifies the clients through an attached survey form.

I am yet to see lenders’ branches offering holidays.

The hidden benefit I discovered once I started talking to people about the travel competition was that the dynamics of the phone call completely changed.

When you call your client looking for business and the prospective client on the other end of the phone senses that you want something, it is sometimes uncomfortable.

Now when I call an old friend I haven’t spoken with for years, I mention that our office is running a competition for 2 people to Europe. It easily opens the conversation with me giving something of value – a chance to win a holiday.

I speak briefly about what I am doing relating to finance in the middle of the call and close the call with “I hope you win as it will make the best story at barbeques for years if you win.” What would often happen is the person would start to open up about their plans and I’d be taking notes for house refinances in 2 years or a car purchase in 12 months.

The competition creates a talking point on a topic that many people are passionate about – travel.

Thanks YCM
Brett Olson
Finance Consultant – Ardent Finance

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Our marketing philosophy

We believe that a single marketing approach is no longer an effective and long term strategy for any business wanting to retain and continue business growth. Our research and results show that a planned, multi-layered communication strategy is the best form of marketing to, and engaging with, your clients for long term business success.

Your Client Matters’ marketing strategies, resources and programs are designed to assist with client acquisition, retention and most importantly client engagement.

“I suffered through 10 years of marketing seminars in Treasury divisions of big banks (Macquarie and Deutsche Bank) and no presenter I experienced came within an inch of your skills. Generally after the first 15 minutes I was nodding off! You keep the audience engaged, provide useful tips and lead by example – as you are selling your business to us, we see how to sell ours our to our clients. Your support staff are also great – friendly, helpful, and with relevant experience. It’s a pleasure to be a client!”

Jenny McLaughlin