Why you need us

We stand in the shoes of YOUR clients and YOU reap the results of their business.
Your Client Matters understands what your clients want, and when they want it.

Bigger, better, stronger

We help you to build a bigger, better stronger business! How?
We do this in a number of ways, including helping you with ideas and strategies to:

  1. build a new database or add to your existing database
  2. clean up and communicate with an old database
  3. get more and better qualified referrals from existing clients
  4. build strong, qualified and regular referrals from other
    business partners
  5. use the YCM content for your BLOGS and social media
  6. gain more engagement from your existing and potential clients

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Integrated products

When you partner with Your Client Matters you have a fully serviced marketing provider with many years of experience in helping business owners grow and retain their customer base and improve their profitability.

We believe that no one form of communication and single marketing approach is an effective and long term strategy for business so we provide a range of integrated products and services to ensure your marketing success. We take your investment with YCM seriously and only suggest tools and resources we believe will improve your business results.


Dedicated training

YCM recognises we all learn in different ways. Our online and mainstream training will help you and your staff gain knowledge about the programs in your own time. Our training portal will allow you to review and re-watch the content at any time and bring new staff up to speed quickly and easily.

A marketing coach

Initially our marketing coach will assist you in implementing our three proven strategies for business success.

In addition our marketing coach will seek to understand your business objectives and guide you to those strategies that will assist you in achieving these goals.

We all understand that it is up to us individually to allocate the time and be open learning new things so our marketing coach will endeavour to hold you accountable for your own learning.

Book in a consultation

NOW you need to talk to us!

You have read about our strategies and services so contact us today to speak to one of our sales consultants to explore if we are the right solution for your business or not.

“You guys are awesome!…..Thank you so much for the immense amount of value add you give us. Looking forward to doing even more business with you soon.”
Brad Oliver, First Choice Home Loans