Knowledge Centre

Keep your clients informed and up to date with our extensive knowledge centre.

Add the knowledge centre to your package and we will update your website automatically every quarter when each new magazine is issued to your clients and will also include updating the monthly campaigns and articles for you as well.

Knowledge Centre includes:

  • Updated monthly.
  • Finance Matters articles from the last 12 months marketing campaigns.
  • Article library of the Finance Matters magazine (subject to copyright) updated quarterly.
  • Preview of latest magazines articles.
  • Subscribe to my magazine area.
  • Competition updates.

Knowledge Centre screen

“As always. A very well planned out webinar. Very valuable tips and suggestions to gain entry and build trust with people who are not in your immediate circle to develop them into not only clients for life but also to groom them as referrers to your business.”

John Salamastrakis – Westate Finance