Marketing resources

Having ready made, used, tested and proven marketing pieces at your finger tips designed to educate your clients and generate new business.

Business can have its high months, typically followed by some low months. Sound all too familiar? What if you were to have a plethora of marketing pieces ready at your finger tips that you could send out at any time you noticed that business was dropping off?

When you join Your Finance Matters Marketing Program you will gain access to the 6 year archive of marketing pieces designed specifically for Mortgage Brokers and proved to generate results.

Your marketing resources include:

  • Library of marketing strategies
  • Local area marketing strategies
  • Planning strategies
  • Email banner graphics
  • Website graphics

“As always. A very well planned out webinar. Very valuable tips and suggestions to gain entry and build trust with people who are not in your immediate circle to develop them into not only clients for life but also to groom them as referrers to your business.”

John Salamastrakis – Westate Finance