Monthly email campaign for Residential Finance and Asset Finance Brokers

Who has the time to sit down and create targeted marketing material every month designed to not only educate their clients, but also to make clients feel that they needto pick up the phone and call you.

With a Your Client Matters email campaign marketing program, your clients will receive graphically designed marketing material designed to educate and inform them of the latest finance and property updates. The campaigns target different segments of your database ensuring all age demographics of your audience are covered at least 3 times over a 12 month period.

All our marketing products are backed upwith educational calls to action designed to encourage your clients to contact YOU.

At Your Client Matters, we pride ourselves on ensuring you educate your clients and continue to look professional. Our marketing material gives your clients an incentive to refer business to you and assists in creatinga loyal customer base for your business.

The YCM team members are just like your clients. They all have mortgages and have experienced the good and the bad of dealing with the finance industry. Their observations give YCM the understanding to deliver educational and trigger point content directly to your clients and prospects. This is what separates YCM from the others when it comes to marketing communication for the finance industry. They create and deliver products from the perspective of your clients.

Our monthly marketing campaigns receive a greater open rate of 30 – 40% above industry average of 15%

“I take the view that your marketing is your shop front.
It’s the first thing your prospective client sees of your business.

With that in mind, I had a choice of either:
1. A Grade material with content that reads like it was written for a Magazine that resonates with your client on topics
that relate to their lifestyle.
2. C Grade material with content full of jargon that reads like it was taken from a text book.

Test it for yourself, read an article from Your Client Matters then follow it up with an article from the package your group
maybe offering. That was the deciding factor for me.

I run my business at an A grade level & I want A grade marketing to back that up.”

Brett Olson, Ardent Finance