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Get a client and keep them for life by staying in touch with your clients and prospects each quarter using the Finance Matters Magazine. Educating them in the areas of finance, property and related industries, you will be “top of mind” with your clients and secure future business and referrals using this magazine.

The magazine requires minimal effort on your behalf, we do all the work for you (including posting it to your clients), leaving you time to work IN your business to settle more loans. The Finance Matters magazines are not just newsletters to stay in touch with your clients. They are marketing tools that can be used in many ways to improve your business, build customer loyalty and generate loads of referrals!

Customised flexible cover option

Magazine Flexibility

The premium quality magazine comes with a range of branding options allowing you to:

Fully customised

Our full customisation option allows you the flexibility to add your own ‘personal touch’ to the back page and cover of your magazine to create a look and feel that aligns with your own corporate branding, colours and title to make your magazine look unique.

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Standard long column

Our standard version of the magazine has three layout options. The standard long column format allows you to include a column featuring your list of service offerings plus a call to action section.

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Standard long column cover layout

Standard short column

The standard short format column allows you to include a short service column and up to five staff photos and contact details in the page footer. This is a useful option for those that wish to introduce multiple team members to their clients.

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Standard short column magazine cover

“As discussed, I would get at least 10-15 calls within 7 days from the quarterly magazine arriving to my clients. This is always reminder to me, the magazine must have been posted. While I may only do 3-4 loans from these calls it is nice to know the magazine is read and able to be passed on. It is far too easy to just delete an email magazine. Gone, a bad way of getting the information out.”

Peter Rooimans, Your Loan Plus